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Many different types of liquids are commonly sold in cartons or plastic containers.

These containers tend to be very heavy and awkward when the user goes to pour them and spills are unavoidable. The Ergo Pour allows the user to pour from the container with just a handle and you don't even have to touch the bottle. This reduces the chances of spilling. A child who could not handle a half gallon container or a senior citizen can use Ergo Pour with ease.
A half gallon-size jug of milk or juice is just too heavy! That makes it hard to lift and even harder to control as you pour. The innovative design of the Ergo Pour makes the milk carton or soda bottle feel so much lighter! Just tilt the handle attached to the bottle or carton for pouring. You can do it with just one hand! This easy-to-use holder is stored on a shelf in the fridge, making for easy storage. Just take off the bottle top and take hold of the handle. It's so much easier on your hands, arms and shoulders than lugging a milk jug around the kitchen! Place your two-liter bottle or carton with the neck of the bottle in the cut out at the top. Kids and adults alike can pour their own milk or soda without worries about lifting!
Once two-liter pop bottles are opened, they tend to collapse and become very difficult when the user tries to pour from them. Once again, the Ergo Pour solves the problem entirely. The effort it takes to use an Ergo Pour is as simple as picking up a set of car keys. Ergo Pour can also be used on a counter top or a table top.

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Pouring a half gallon of milk can be as simple as picking up a set of car keys with Ergo Pour!

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